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Natsep provides state-of-the-art lab water systems featuring the most advanced purification technologies to consistently and reliably produce ultra high purity water for many applications. Our range of lab water systems produce various types of water at different flow rates, depending on your requirement, and easily integrate into any lab environment.


Type 1 ultrapure water

  • Lab water systems produce Type 1 ultrapure water for your daily needs ranging up to 10 litres per day.
  • Many systems operate independently of a stationary water tap. The feed water is pumped from a container, which is filled with pre-treated water, directly into a bag (Bagtank technology). There, the water is stored safely for high-quality Type 1 water purification on demand. As a result, fresh ultrapure water will be dispensed at up to one litre per minute for your critical analysis.

Type 2 pure water

  • Lab water systems reliably deliver water of consistently high Type 2 water quality of up to 15 megohms*cm at a rate of 5 L/hr or 10L/hr.
  • Using Electrodeionization (EDI) technologies and equipped with three purification stages, the systems efficiently remove ions, bacteria, organic impurities and other contaminants from feed water from the tap.

Type 3 ultrapure

  • Lab water systems consistently deliver premium Type 3 Reverse Osmosis (RO) water quality at rates of 8,16 or 24 L/hr for standard laboratory applications.
  • While producing Type 3 water, the system uses specially designed, intuitive software to continuously monitor the water quality.
  • Directly connected to your tap feed water source, these systems deliver pure water of the highest quality.




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